Solving Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Tax Problems, Coast-To-Coast, No Matter How Complex - In person or online.

Where Bankruptcy or Insolvency are NOT part of the solution.

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Get The Help You Need:

Former CRA Collector (Over 10-years)
Trained CRA Collections staff
Put on liens and took off liens
Issued thousands of RTP's/Garnishments
Raised Assessments & Fought Assessments
Know the CRA inside and out

Giving you the TRUTH about your tax situation so you can make decisions which are best for YOU!

Our Expertise:

  • Tax Collections, Compliance and Enforcement issues
  • Assessments; Directors Liability, S.160/325 & Audits
  • Liens, including lifting & Removing
  • Talk CRA: Negotiation, Payment Arrangements, RTP's, Plans of Action, Garnishments
  • Programs: Undeclared Income (VDP), Taxpayer Relief

How to Proceed:

    Gather your Notices, Letters, etc., from the CRA Contact Us
    Email: OR

Free Consultation

You are welcomed to a free 15-minute consultation.

We are not the CRA, so we get very busy trying to help everyone. We appreciate your patience!