inTAXicating Tax Services

Solving Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Tax Problems Coast-to-Coast. Former CRA Collections Employee of the Year. Experienced. Honest. On Your Side.

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How Are We Different?

Over 10-years Actual CRA Collections Expertise.
We trained CRA Collection staff on how to collect.
We put on liens, and took them off.
Issued thousands of RTP's.
Raised Assessments and Wrote Off tax balances.
We know what the CRA is doing before they do
You get the TRUTH about your tax situation!

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Tax Collections, Compliance and Enforcement issues
  • Assessments; Directors Liability, S.160/325, Audit
  • Liens
  • Talking CRA: Negotiation, Payment Arrangements, RTP's, Garnishments
  • Programs: Undeclared Income (VDP), Taxpayer Relief

How To Proceed

  • Gather Your Notices, Letters, etc.
  • Contact Us
  • Authorize Us
  • Pick Your Preferred Payment Plan
  • Work Towards Full Resolution

Free Consultation

You are welcomed to a free 15-minute consultation to ensure the fit is right on both sides.