About Us

inTAXicating Tax Services is a Canadian business – based out of Toronto, Ontario – which is operated by Warren Orlans, an experienced tax professional who has significant taxation experience working in the public and the private sectors for over 17-years.

Warren spent almost 11-years working in the Canada Revenue Agency (then Revenue Canada), working his way up and through the CRA beginning as a Collector in the Business tax area. Warren either worked in, or was responsible for, tax issues regarding; GST/HST, Payroll (Source Deductions), Director’s Liability, Training and Learning, Construction (Underground Economy) Unit, Corporate Tax (T2), Payroll Audit, Field Officer, Liens, Investigations, Audit, Compliance and for 5-years he was a Resource and Complex Case Officer responsible for the most complex and difficult tax files in the Tax Services Office, as well as teaching his staff how to resolve complex files.

Warren and his colleagues know the CRA policy and procedures and are able to best assist you, and your business, clarify and resolve your tax issues.

Unlike others who have worked in or with the CRA, we do not believe that calling the CRA names gets you off with the best foot forward, nor do we believe that telling the CRA what to do works with the best success. Instead, we prefer to use legislation, policies and procedures to negotiate the best plan possible through law.

In addition to working with individuals and businesses who have tax issues, inTAXicating also works with Accountants, Accounting Firms, Tax Lawyers, Law Firms, Trustees, Banks and other professional firms to assist them where they have a client with a tax issue, or to clarify the direction the CRA is heading on a tax matter.

In addition to working at the CRA, Warren was the Tax Manager for the Canadian Operational Unit of Computershare Trust Company of Canada / Computershare Investor Services, where he honed his skills regarding US tax matters, Revenue Quebec, Cross-Border Tax matters and where he served as the Canadian FATCA lead.

Warren also worked for CitiFund Services, the transfer agent business of CitiGroup, where he was the AVP Transfer Agency Operation for Taxation and was the Canadian lead for FATCA.

If you have a tax question, or concern and you want the truth on your options, contact us and if we can help you, we can. If your matter is best handled by a Tax professional in a different are of Tax, we will refer you to someone in our network.