Our Fees

We have created a three-step process to ensure that your time or money is never wasted beginning with the consultation through to the resolution of your tax problem(s). Our process will help you identify the required information we need to gain real insight into your tax matter.

This way, we can provide you with a reliable assessment of your tax matter, identify the best options available to resolve it and a reasonable estimate of the investment required to get you there.

Step 1: A Free 15-minute consultation to discuss your tax issue(s) and concerns

Step 2: If necessary, a one-hour meeting will be arranged to discuss your tax issues in greater depth. At the end of this meeting you will receive a written summary of the meeting, plus a detailed outline of the CRA’s regular course of action in similar situations plus a recommended course of action to resolve it.

Step 3: If needed, we take ownership of your file and begin conversations with the CRA to determine what they have on file regarding your tax issue(s). Our fee structure from this point forward depends on the amount of work required, the complexity involved and the amount of money we aim to recover, or prevent you from owing.

In estimating our fees, we may use the hourly-rate model or recommend the fixed-fee model. Our tax specialists’ hourly rate is $250 per hour (plus HST).

We will ask that you enter into a retainer agreement and provide a retainer deposit before we agree to represent you in your tax matter. The amount of our firm’s retainer deposit is based on your specific situation and the type of tax involved. We clearly outline our fee structure during our consultations to ensure you understand, and are comfortable with our agreement.