Our Fees

Our fees need to work for us and for you, which is why we offer a few different fee structures depending on the needs and requirements of the problem.

Initial Consultation: 15-minutes. FREE

Diagnose the Debt Session (generally one hour): $350 + HST

Consulting: Hourly, OR, a fixed fee structure which depends on the amount of work needed to be done and the expected time to complete it.

Recovery: If there are amounts to be recovered, or assessments to be reduced, there is the option for a smaller upfront fee, plus a percentage to be earned upon recovery / reduction of the balance owing / assessed.


Taxpayer Relief Applications

Who better to edit, write or review you Taxpayer Relief application than a former CRA Collections employee who used to review these applications when they were known as “Fairness” and were part of Collections.

You have 2 opportunities for Taxpayer Relief.  Make them both count!

Edit: $300 / hour.  Usually takes between 2-4 hours depending on state of information provided.

Write: $300 / hour.  Usually takes between 4-8 hours depending on the complexity of the application and the information provided up front during the preparation stage.


Consulting for other businesses: Negotiable