Our Fees

Our fees need to work for us and for you, which is why we offer a few different fee structures depending on the needs and requirements of the problem.

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Initial Consultation: 15-minutes. FREE

Diagnose the Debt Session: Allow us to provide you the truth around your tax debt(s).  We look at any correspondence with the CRA – letters, statements, notices – and we ask a lot of questions, and provide you with a detailed summary of your tax situation, including, but not limited to;

  • Options you have
  • Recommendations
  • Suggestions
  • Details as to what the CRA is going to do
  • Things to avoid

If there are other services which assist you, such as a mortgage broker’s services, or an accountant, financial planner or trustee, we’ll tell you what you may need them for, and who we recommend, and how much that might cost you.

At the end of this  Debt Diagnosis Program, you understand what you can and cannot do in order to resolve your tax debt to your satisfaction.

Consulting: Hourly, OR, a fixed fee structure which depends on the amount of work needed to be done and the expected time to complete it.  Usually requires a retainer to get started.

Recovery: If there are amounts to be recovered, or assessments to be reduced, there is the option for a smaller upfront fee, plus a percentage to be earned upon recovery / reduction of the balance owing / assessed.


Taxpayer Relief Applications

Who better to edit, write or review you Taxpayer Relief application than a former CRA Collections employee who used to review these applications when they were known as “Fairness” and were part of Collections.

You have 2 opportunities for Taxpayer Relief.  Make them both count!


You write the application, and we edit it to ensure that you have hit the right points, and have not said anything which might cause the CRA to deny all or part of your request.


We write the application after speaking with you to discuss the basis of the application, and then receiving notes from our conversations to substantiate the application.  We create the draft application, which you then review, and then we make the necessary adjustments and re-write as needed.

In both cases, the application does not get submitted to the CRA until we are both comfortable that it gives you the best opportunity to get penalty and / or interest relief from the CRA.


Consulting for other businesses: Negotiable