Our Services

We support Canadian Taxpayers from Coast-To-Coast, and anywhere in the world.

We assist Tax, Accounting and Financial Services professionals in providing exceptional customer service to their clients.

We help anyone and everyone who needs help dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Our expertise includes;

  • Collection Issues: Legal Warning letters, phone calls, or field calls (What is the CRA doing, and why?)
  • Enforcement Matters: Wage garnishments, Requirements to Pay (RTP) to your bank account or 3rd party.  Liens, Registrations under the PPSA, or Writs issued to seize and sell your assets.
  • Assessments: Notional Assessments, Arbitrary Assessments, s160 or Director’s Liability Assessments
  • Negotiating Payment Arrangements: When you cannot get the arrangement that you need.
  • Request for Personal and / or Corporate Financial Disclosure: To ensure you give the CRA what they ask for, but never too much, or what will cause you problems
  • Compliance Issues: Overdue Returns. Past-Due Returns. Amended Returns. T1, T2, T4. GST/HST.
  • The Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP): Do you qualify?
  • Taxpayer Relief Program: We write, edit, and advise around this program.
  • Tax Shelters: Any tax shelter, or donation scheme / scam.
  • Audits: Help you prepare for the audit, getting ready what the CRA needs, not necessarily what they want.
  • Tax Preparation / Accounting Quality Reviews: Reviews of your previous years’ tax reporting for quality and errors or omissions.
  • Demand to File Notices: Urgent requests which should never be ignored.
  • Messy, old, complicated tax debts:  Our speciality!
  • Much more.  Just ask!


We know how stressful it is when the CRA demands your immediate attention. When you take advantage of our tax services, your tax problem becomes our tax problem so that you can live while we take care of the problems.

Our Common Sense approach will help lessen your worry, and solve your problems.

It takes time to get into tax troubles, so anyone offering an immediate solution is offering a solution to benefit them, and not you.