“You are invaluable” RG from Alberta

“Without your help and intervention the CRA would have closed my business and I would be living on the street”  SS Toronto.

“You changed our lives! Words cannot describe how much different our lives have become since we resolved all of the CRA issues and paid off all of the other debts!” LD, Oakville

“I paid a tax lawyer over $25,000 to resolve what I felt was a very simple matter, and they failed.  It cost me 2-years of my life, that was until Warren stepped in and within 2 weeks had my assessment down from $1.8 million to $80K.  Now were fighting the balance and going to win.”  ZV from Vaughan

“The CRA wanted to assessment me and my wife under s.160.  Then they wanted us to go bankrupt.  Then they garnished our wages, froze our bank accounts and tried to kick us out of our houses.  Warren met with us, gave us a plan of action, and now I’m in a Consumer Proposal, we have access to our funds and we get to keep our house.  Thank you, Warren.  Your help getting us out of this bind will never be forgotten.  We have not cried since we met you and you said you could help us out.”  HB and WB from Niagara Falls